Monday, June 22, 2009 -- love the concept

Luckily, I can usually find nude color panties that match my, well, nudeness. I'm pretty pale so sometimes I need a shade of nude that doesn't exist. Well, is the place to go. I haven't ordered my pair of panties yet but I will.

I've mentioned before that nude is the color under white clothing NOT white underwear. I can deal with VPL but I think white under white is way way way tackier than VPL.

Check out - 20 different "nude" shades . They're microfiber probably like CK's or Commandos. Thong, boyshorts, and briefs. Also, three bra styles, plunge (sexy), t-shirt, and convertible.

Good luck this summer, ladies! It is the 2nd day of summer, enjoy it!

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