Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's summertime, kinda...a reminder for all the ladies!

Well, Memorial Day is over. But it also means the unofficial start of summer has started! Woo-hoo!

Good news - BBQs, the beach, more sunlight, convertible tops down, potato salad galore!

Bad news - what to wear? especially under those all white pants or tops, strappy or strapless tops, sheer things Lady K loves, and funky designer shirts with one sleeve, a crooked neckline, no back, no front, you get my drift, ladies?

So, get your hot and sexy summer outfits together but PLEASE REMEMBER to also buy, borrow, or look in your closet before you wear your outfit. While you have the convertible top down, make sure you have the right convertible bra on.

So, as you buy or think of buying that sheer very white and strappy dress, THINK about your undergarments too. Don't be surprised if you can't find a bra in an hour that works for your dress. You need time, so start now.

If you choose to go braless (Lady K and on hiatus Lady E like this), then make sure you have things to keep your goods out of public eye...unless you want that! A stash of double sided tape like Hollywood Tape or toupee tape (if it can hold hair down it can hold a blouse) is very helpful for low cut dresses and tops. Don't flash someone at a wedding or church!

Another must have, breast/nipple covers, it may be hot outside but that means there'll be a lot of COLD a/c inside! Get them. If you can't find them at your local department store or lingerie boutique, then check out a website I found called. -- it is what it is.

For my white wearers, nude, nude, nude, or light brown or pink underneath your clothing. Don't be caught with black panties or a red bra under crisp white linen. Tacky!

It's summertime, be sexy and be prepared!

Chocolate Box from Miss Lala...

I was able to see in person this collection from UK's Miss Lala Faire Frou Frou. The name alone says it pink, a heart on your buttocks, retrochicness, what else can a girl want?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow LL on Twitter @thelingerielady

LL has succumbed to Twitter. It's fun. It's harmless (I think). I'll be able to dish quick lingerie tidbits. LL's ADHD has unfortunately kicked into gear again, so long blogs wear me out. I'll still try to blog when something HOT comes along or something NEW comes out.

Ask your lingerie questions! If I can't answer them right away, no worries, I have a handful of lingerie ladies willing to help me out. Don't be shy, ask (guys can too).

Follow LL @thelingerielady on Twitter.

Happy job hunting to those unemployed!!!


Only Hearts Lingerie.

Lady K here has been unemployed and losing her mind for the last couple months. Sorry for not writing. But I was able to check out some awesome lingerie this Memorial Day weekend at ONLY HEARTS in Santa Monica. I've been there before but this time I actually really looked at the merchandise. I loved everything. Whether it was Only Hearts products or another brand, the lingerie was simply sexycute. Check out the store if you're in SanMo, CA.