Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring's First No-No.

Ladies, gents, kiddies - Spring is here, in two days. And, I've seen my first spring NO-NO. With warmer temperatures, clothes become thinner and sheerer.

If you decide to wear a sheer black top at a nightclub with white strobe lights, then do not wear a white bra. White anything will glow in the dark. If this white bra is the only bra you have, God forbid, wear a tank top over it, any color. If this is the only way you can attract men, then go get a W-II or X-box. Men love video games more than tacky bra/shirt combinations. If you wear a dark sheer shirt, any dark colored bra will look absolutely fine underneath.

I've yet to decide on the dark bra under light colored shirt - nighttime activity okay. But for the daytime, I don't know ladies....definitely not at work, c'est tack-kay.

Happy Spring.