Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Faire Frou Frou -- one of the best in the west lingerie stores.

I stumbled into Faire Frou Frou after a frustrating day of work issues. I was determined to buy some hot panties to wash the day away. I've always heard of the store. I drive by twice a week at least. But today was different, I went in, I loved loved it! The collections were hot, hot, hot, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Prices were high. Prices were moderate. Prices were low (check out sale areas). The vintage furniture pieces that held some of the lingerie made the store feel, "sexy", "whimsical", and "classy".

The lingerie collections consisted of various brands, fabrics, styles (super SEXy to sweet). I purchased my first pair of Princess Tam Tam panties (mascara collection) ---love them!

I've dreaded lingerie boutiques because I've come across too many run by old cranky ladies. If they were hip and nice old ladies then I'd feel differently. I'd come in and automatically get turned off by the lack of decor, ambiance, and the plethora of elastic band skirted sales ladies. Lingerie shopping should never feel or look like an old folks home, REMEMBER THAT. For the old school stores, please, take a lesson from the young does like FFF --vamp it up and smile too.

The icing on the lingerie cake was owner, Alison, who started FFF with her mother, Gail. You go, ladies!!! Alison was a shining light bulb of lingerie whimsy. She was beyond pleasant and informative. Fun lingerie shopping exists at FFF. Go, shop now!


For those of you not in the LA/Valley area, you can shop online. it's a win/win for everyone.

We're back!

It's been awhile....yes, we know. Even though we haven't written in some time, Lady E and I are still loving lingerie. She still wears it. I still work with it. I've been daylighting as a lingerie consultant for a French lingerie house. For the next few weeks, we will be highlighting stores in the LA area. The good, the rauchy, the badass. Holiday season will be upon us soon, so, let's get those wish lists started.

Good to be back.

We miss writing about lingerie.

K. and E.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hair Color for your bikini area?


I'll simply say it's hair color for your pubic region.

We, here at LL, advocate hair removal. But we must also support the ladies and gents who are hairfully happy below the belt. If you want to dye your pubes hot pink, please do so, and let us know the results.

Are you turned on by this? Discuss.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring's First No-No.

Ladies, gents, kiddies - Spring is here, in two days. And, I've seen my first spring NO-NO. With warmer temperatures, clothes become thinner and sheerer.

If you decide to wear a sheer black top at a nightclub with white strobe lights, then do not wear a white bra. White anything will glow in the dark. If this white bra is the only bra you have, God forbid, wear a tank top over it, any color. If this is the only way you can attract men, then go get a W-II or X-box. Men love video games more than tacky bra/shirt combinations. If you wear a dark sheer shirt, any dark colored bra will look absolutely fine underneath.

I've yet to decide on the dark bra under light colored shirt - nighttime activity okay. But for the daytime, I don't know ladies....definitely not at work, c'est tack-kay.

Happy Spring.